Friday, May 12, 2006

Too Much of a Good Thing

This has been one of those weeks of NON-STOP ACTION! Every night a party!

And now I am done. I need to go to Vermont, drink some green tea and some sour cherry juice and cleanse my system.

We had the charity casino thing monday, Cirque du Soleil wednesday and a co-workers going-away-and-leaving-the-company-party last night. Plus I am trying to get another Statement of Qualifications out for Dad... and I am trying to figure out something to do for Mom for Mother's Day....

So my head is hurting.

Rather than give my tepid reviews of the Cirque (it was like a re-run without the great make-up, costumes and storytelling of previous Cirque shows.. plus the performers didn't seem very on their game - whoops there's my review!) or the bar where the party was last night (I will never understand bartenders who are beeyotches for no apparent reason - whoops another review!) I will answer your meme.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

1) Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle -
I have, literally, watched this movie over and over and over. At least 15 times. Why? Because it is endlessly funny and every time I see it, there is a scene that I've forgotten about or something funny that I didn't notice before. Plus, I love me some Doogie Howser, yo.

2) Batman Returns - Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman? In patent leather? Did a girl ever have a better role model? Plus, Michael Keaton remains my favorite Batman - despite the noble attempts of Gloria Steinem's shirtless step-son. I mean he's hot, but he went for Katie (excuse me - Kate) Holmes. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

3) Lord of the Rings - The whole extended trilogy. I could happily lose a whole weekend that way. Elves! Viggo! Plus it reminds me of our trip to New Zealand. Need I say more? If it's raining this weekend, you know what I will be watching.

4) Sliding Doors - The only Gwynnie movie I like. For some reason I find the concept of the movie so intruiging that I am willing to put up with her faux-british accent. Plus I heart that scottish actor that is in it.

I would add The Philadelphia Story as my honorary classic film... I don't really need to tell you why, do I?

Four Television Shows I Love to Watch

1) Grey's Anatomy - McDreamy? McSteamy? So McAngsty and McFunny at the same time. Plus it is set in Seattle!

2) Veronica Mars - Oh LoVe!!!! Sweet LoVe!!!!

3) Bones - Forensic anthropology, wisecracks, un-fulfilled sexual tension and a super-nerdy chick as the lead character.

4) Top Chef - Drama! Cooking! Like Project Runway in the kitchen. Classic line? "I am not your bitch, bitch!" Not as cooking inspirational as Iron Chef or Nigella, but loads more friction. All the Iron Chefs are too nice to each other.. not enough feuding for my taste.

Four Things I've Been Eating Lately

1) Sauteed Ramps with Pancetta and Angel Hair Pasta
- Tis the season for buying sweet, delicious ramps at the Union Square Greenmarket! I live their slight onion-yness combined with the sweetness of the stems and the saltiness of the pancetta. And I love any excuse to shop at Union Square.

2) Roasted Vegetables - I love carmelized roasted peppers and tomatoes and garlic and onions and asparagus. Some olive oil, salt and pepper and a touch of lemon juice.

3) Eggs with Cheese and Bacon on a Toasted English Muffin - I love to make these using my egg rings and vermont cheddar and maple smoked bacon. It would be my breakfast of choice if it wasn't the quickest route to cardiac arrest.

4) Sour Cherry Juice and Selzer - I loathe the crazy lines at Trader Joe's and this is the only thing that can motivate me to go there. It is so yummy and tangy and yummy. It makes my mouth water just to think about it.

Back to the grindstone...


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