Thursday, June 15, 2006

Calling All Fashion Police

I don't really know how it happened, but I am going on a cruise and I am at a total loss as to what I should pack! Plus, I think I've gained a couple (or dozen) pounds since last summer and I'm thinking that not all of my clothes will fit!

This is, of course, giving me major anxiety. Tonight I anticipate having a dream where I am walking around the deck of the Love Boat clad in either a Charo costume (ARRIBA ARRIBA!) or a naval jacket and nuthin' else. Undoubtedly, I will run into either Doc or Gopher. Maybe I will get lucky and they'll just offer me a piƱa colada but, more likely, Doc will say I need either a root canal or a pap smear and I will wake up in tears.

If Gopher suggests either, I'll probably need to be medicated.

So, what would YOU pack for a cruise? This is a sporty cruise, but there is a formal night and a couple of dinners where a dress would be appropriate... and there is also the world-famous (according to the cruise line propaganda) Skywalker's Night Club.

By the way, that photo is one of the top Google hits for "cruise fashions." I definetly won't be drinking the Koolaid on the boat.

#FW0027- Whimsical Butterfly....$545.00 (without stones..........$375) - Be sexy, delicate & alluring in yards & yards of chiffon petal skirting & butterfly type sleeves coverlet which is embellished with tiny Aurora Austrian Swarovski rhinestones throughout waistband & sleeves. It is included with a matching scoop neck body/swimsuit of gorgeous hologram metallic stretch fabric. A set definitely for just sipping your pina coladas by cruise ship poolside,dancing late in the evening or for dance exhibitions if you are a ballroom dancer.

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