Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fashion Police to the Rescue!

Well, the gentleman in the middle has an outfit suggestion for Eugene - what do you think? As for you, hey, pack a sarong and some flip-flops and call it good. How do they manage to make those Alaska Cruises tropical anyway?

Just kidding. Wow, I'm really loving that, uh, outfit. It looks like something the Capts daughter, what was her name, Skipper? No, Vicky, would have worn for the grand finale. I think there's one hiding in the back of Teri Hatcher's closet too. Looks good over a mermaid tale.

What do you wear on a cruise? Who cares? Are you single? Is it a Hedonism III cruise? No, it's a cruise to Alaska with your mother-in-law. Those people with their cataracts can't see what you have on anyway!

How about pajamas? That's it, for reals, you need a pair of silk loungey pyjamas to swan about in all day. And one black cocktail dress. And loud jewels that you will store at night in the Captain's safe, until the power goes out one night and someone sees a ghost and when the lights come on you shout "My Jewels!!" as your hand reaches for your empty throat. Then Scooby and the gang chase the ghost until they finally unmask it and it's.... Julie the Cruise Director!!!

Anyway, that's my answer. Lounge pyjamas and a cocktail dress. Alternate between the two. Have another cocktail, no one's watching anyway!

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