Friday, June 16, 2006

Five Alarming Developments

1. The other day, I caught our favorite ex-patriot, Kristin, getting all caught up in World Cup fever and actually saying the following: "I was driving on the oxpens road, everything went all blurry, the ice rink, oh oxford I love oxford, I love England! I love football. I love fish and chips! Sniff sniff! What does that mean? I felt love for the queen in my heart."

This, my friends, is a witty and charming little bit of writing, but an alarming development.

Kristin. No. You must not love England. Or, if you must love England, it must be in the "it will all be a memory so soon" sort of way. Like how you might look at your son the first time he gets mad when you try to help him tie his shoe, or some such thing. I don't know what the analogy is with kids, but I know there is one. Love England in some nostalgic misty way, but then, let it go and come back to some place where I can come visit you even if I end up on a bookstore employee's salary. Will you look at your nice San Francisco yard? All the green, all wild California, with you all cute and mischevious looking. You like it there. Come back.

2. Speaking of love for the English Royals - Allison! I've been lugging around some of your belongings since Mom sold the house (and when you're here in July, something must be done about this) , lots of comic books, a painting Asa gave you, probably in high school, and one box that was marked "Ali's Doll Collection". I apparently had never opened this box, because I really thought it contained the doll collection. I opened it the other day thinking it would be funny to have a blog photo of the weird dolls, but noooo... no dolls in the box. BUT! There was a commemorative booklet from Fergie and Andrew's wedding. AND! Some big combs with poofy velvet stuff on them, and other really valuable things like that. I felt like Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault. There was a really nice Snoopy lapel pin though. Woodstock is on it. I like Woodstock. I'm wearing the pin this weekend. For sure.

3. I watched the Britney interview last night. I did. I'm sorry. I just kept thinking, "How can her hair look like that?" and "Is that a spider on her eyelid or is her fake eyelash on crooked?" I liked the way she looked away from Matt every time she answered one of his questions about.... Ohmigod, what am I doing? Sorry. I'm sorry. Let's go to the fourth thing...

4. For dinner last night I ate steamed green beans, sorry Haricots Vert according to Trader Joe's, with lots of butter and pepper, and some Sugar Plum tomatoes. And a handful of Amazing Corn Snack. I'm not on a diet, I'm just lazy.

5. I'm knitting myself knee socks.

I think that's all I have in me just at the moment. What's up with you?


K said...

There I am!
Oh, those were the salad days. Salad days was one of the words of the week last week in dictionary dot com, and it's a repeat - It made me feel really old for some reason - to think of all those words that have gone by - and to have a repeat? maybe someone just really likes "salad days"
salad days.....
days of mouldy mayonaise.
that's from electric aunt jemima
a sample from Walter Sterlings music collection circa 1989
mighty damn long time ago that was...
I remember feeling self conscious in his dorm room wearing borrowed black jeans - maybe they were diana's?
or joanna's?
so many borrowed clothes

Heather said...

There you are! And so lovely.

I know what you mean about the word of the day making you feel old. Last week we were talking about how, to highschoolers now, the 80s are like what the 60s were to us. And the 50s are the 70s. Crazy. That made us all feel old.