Friday, June 16, 2006

Five Things About Me? Yikes

First let me say that I think it is hilarious that you are carting around my stuff and here I am still living with stuff of yours... in the recent closet cleaning I found numerous pairs of your vintage heels. And I am pretty sure that there are a number of your journals and possibly your diploma from St. Johns around here somewhere.

What to do? What to do? I don't know how anything will be resolved in July, since I won't actually set foot in the city of Seattle. Can it wait until Thanksgiving when I will be there for a whole week?

In any case... five recent things for me...

1) I went cruise clothing shopping today at lunch and was painfully reminded of why I hate to shop. It is so bad for the self-esteem. I just feel like a totally fat blubber belly now. Thanks J.Crew! Thanks Saks!

Was there a scientific study of how to make The. Most. Unflattering. Lighting. Possible? Is this some plot against any woman who isn't a size 0? Is that why all the sundresses I liked were only available in size 0?

The only clothes I want to buy now are mumus and caftans. Like Britney y'all.

2) Speaking of the Britney. I TiVoed the interview... so don't feel too bad. I am planning on going home and watching it. Hopefully her gum-chewing, thick-necked whorishness will make me feel better about my food baby.

3) I had pasta with fresh sugar snap peas from the Farmers Market for dinner last night. Yum.

4) I will be doing more roofing work this weekend. Fun!

5) Our friend Dave Zebrowski had an opening at a bar last night and shockingly the painting he displayed was not of a nude Kate Moss (see above for reference) which I was sure was his favorite subject. Besides himself, of course.

I was shocked. Shocked and amused.

But that's because I am mean-spirited and petty.

Later, y'aaaaaawwwwwwwlllll!


Heather said...

Um, is that a painting by Dave Z of Kate Moss? He is such a himbo. I bet Brit would like him.

Anonymous said...

actually, the curator, not i, chose the piece displayed the show. the kate, unfortunately, was sold to a himbo wannabe. anycase, with friends like alison... you have to love yourself - dz

Allison said...

Dave - your sense of humor is intact, isn't it?

You know we love you.

I did mention that I was mean-spirited and petty.

And please don't tell me that you don't love Kate. Naked Kate.