Friday, June 23, 2006

Helloooooooo!!!! From Alaska

I have a moment or two to say hey y'all!

It's cold. And rainy. But we've seen two mooses (moosi?) a fox, and some beavers. So far, Alaska is a lot like Vermont.

We got into Fairbanks Wednesday night and drove to see the house that Dad lived in here. I use the word 'house' loosely and generously. It was really a trailer with a bit of a shed built around it.

We're trailer trash, y'all! Woohoo!

I will post pictures later taters, I just thought you might like some validation of your suspicions. The Malcolm Sisters are a fraud! A sham! The veneer of sophistication is about a millimeter thick!

The really shocking part is that the trailer is still here some 40+ years later. When you see the pictures, you'll understands why I say that.

Any hoo, I'm off to catch a train. In the rain. So far the food is not all you can eat... but when we get on the boat .... step back folks!


Bagel Face

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