Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Still Heeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee!!!! For the Moment.

We leave for Alaska tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I go for a haircut, then come home for the last minute packing spree. A horror show if ever there was one... then we go to Newark and fly (via SEATTLE!!!) to Fairbanks.

Wanna meet me at the airport for an hour? Didn't think so.

Any hoo, Oogie is now Elite so we get to hang out in the fancy-pants lounge with all the free cheese. That's right, folks, FREEE CHEEEEEESE!

Then we get into Fairbanks and one of Dad's cronies, I mean friends, meets us and will take us for a tour of North Pole. Where Papa became a man. A mountain man. He shot rats. He told me so.

Then we go to the Bear Creek Lodge and the Malcolm/Carroll/Mendel family bacchanalia (sp? you know what I mean) begins. Not much of one though, cuz the Mendel Famiglia doesn't drink.

Not ten days - as I originally thought - but ELEVEN! I am a lucky lady. Right?

There are two formal nights and many hiking/climbing excursions. So I continue to struggle with the packing. I am struggling right now - can't you see me? I may actually have to bring a real suitcase, instead of the carry-on that usually suffices. Yikes. A suitcase.

When did I become a person who packed a real suitcase? When did I become a person who goes on cruises?

At least I will be prepared for formal night in LaConner, right? We could wear evening gowns to the rodeo, right?

Looking forward to seeing you! I will check in on the blog before I leave. Maybe there are Internets aboard the ship. Right now I have to go research whether or not there are irons in our rooms aboard the ship.

We have a balcony. Did I mention the balcony?

Hugs and squishes

Bagel Face

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