Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Girl Power

I keep getting all distracted from the post I mean to do, but here was my original idea... Over the past week, I've seen or am going to see most of my best Seattle-based girlfriends, so I thought I would talk about that. The photo above is me and Gena at her bachelorette party. I looked through the photos again and they made me laugh and I wanted to include more, but the still life of the wind-up penis with a whipped cream dessert? Well, I didn't want to be banned from Blogger for obscenity. Wait, can that happen? Maybe I need to know...

Anyway, on Monday night, Gena and my other fabulous colleagues from the old days at Pathogenesis, Pam and Erin, met me at Crow which was good, but not really great until we got to the dessert sharing part of the evening. The ladies WERE great though, as they always are. We try to get together one Monday a month, and every time I leave, I am always saying to myself "O! I love those ladies!" They are witty and wise.

I think the week of fabulous girlfriends started with last Wednesday, doing my writing date with the lovely and hilarious Lillian. We went to a wine bar near my house and nibbled on cheese and a drank a rose wine, which I was a little non-plussed about. Lillian helpfully informed me that if I didn't like that rose wine, I probably didn't like rose wine at all, since it was a typical rose wine. Now we all know something about me that we didn't know before. Aren't you glad? The best part was the cheese, though. Of course. We had a lovely cheese plate, including something from Cowgirl Creamery that was the best, though I liked the blue that was cured (or whatever) over smoked hazelnut shells, or some such thing. There was also a stinky runny cheese that I liked, but I don't think it did much for Lillian. Then I put Lillian in the Miata and drove her home, while we talked about cars with mold in them. Not that Natalie is moldy, mind you, but she has been known to leak.

Then of course there is always weekend fun with Susan.

This time that involved having a conversation that prompted the barista who made our lattes to say "Are you talking about boys?" and then when we said yes, to nod and say "Boys? Are dumb." Then we sat outside and watch the Queen Annies walk by and howled with laughter and just generally were loud. Then we took a walk. To the grocery store, where I bought mashed potatos for dinner.

Sunday was the Fremont Street Fair with Jenn, and that was lovely, except for the part about the loin cloths. She ate corn from the street vendors, the kind that's all roasted and dripping in butter, and then there's that counter where you can add about a million toppings. Jenn knows what she's doing at those counters, and I remember envying the corn she put together at Bumbershoot too. That girl knows what she's doing as far as the corn goes. Well, okay, as far as everything goes, really. And that makes sense for a woman who is just as good a roommate in a small town like Santa Fe as she is in the wilds of New York City.

And you know about the marathon catch-up fest (but not ketchup fest, more like guacamole fest) with Regan and Alexis Sunday night. We will have to feature Alexis sometime here. Oh wait, here she is - scroll down for the photo. She produces films, among other things. Quite the talent. Very ambituous knitter. And you know that's a quality to be commended.

Tonight! I get to see Kirstin. I hope! Right, Kirstin?


Lil said...

Ooh, nice post, nice feel-good post. And you are so insightful the feet cheese was too feety for me. I can only eat that on lots more bread than they EVER GIVE YOU AT BRICCO (for heaven's sake, it's cheap, it's bread).

K said...

Your girlfriends are great. Rose was last summers Pinot, if you know what I mean. Don't worry too much about missing the Rose boat. But give it a chance man, but not when you're in the mood for wine - more when you are in the mood for Snapple. It's good in the summer because you can serve it cool. but it's not all lemon squeezy tangy and too white. Then just sit back on a hot day at a patio table somewhere, with some nibbles -- maybe you will be persuaded.

LadyGripe said...

When we get to LaConner, the bar we like to go to there has a good rose - and I only say its good because its the only one I have ever liked. But then I also don't like zinfandel, which a lot of other people do. I think Kirsten has a point about the snapple. Drink zin when your in the mood for kool-aid.