Thursday, June 22, 2006

Baby Love

Do you love him, or what? This is my baby Rhone. I got to smooch him and give him his bottle last night while Kirstin was setting our big Thai feast out on the table. We had such a nice visit. It was clearly the longest day of the year since it was still light out close to 10, which is my excuse for why I didn't leave until then. Even though I meant to go home a lot earlier than that.

One thing I really appreciate about Kirstin is that I feel so loved when I am with her! Some people just have a talent for making you feel that way. When I got to her house last night I just felt myself breath a little sigh of relief, and everything in the world seemed good. Good thai food good beer (Skinny Dip, which Candice introduced me to) and two beautiful kids. Madelyn was particularly zany last night - I will provide photographic proof of her zaniness in a future blog post. I love that girl. She wanted to learn how to knit, but the only knitting I had with me was my socks (I know you wanna see those, don't you? No worries, I'll get to those in a day or two as well) and when I did a row in front of her she said "Oh, that's hard." Which I thought was funny for some reason. I promised her I would bring something easier for her to knit next time.

Pretty good week of girlfriend love, wasn't it? Now if only Kristen, Candice, and Amber were here....

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Allison said...

I could eat that boys face right up! I bet he tastes like butter.