Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Look who came to visit!

Beryl and Amber took the train up to visit me last week. Doesn't Beryl hurt your eyes with her cuteness? She's such a funny girl. She will have a very serious thoughtful little look on her face, then name something, just say a word and give you that big smile you see in the middle. It's like she's not just trying to remember the word, she's actually thinking about what that name does to the thing she is trying to label. I have a purple stuffed monster that Elvis gave me, and she held it, looked at it, and said "Monster." and looked up at Amber, then looked at it again, and said "Baby." and looked at Amber again. So sweet and earnest.

I thought the funniest thing was that she would look at her mom, and tilt her chin down and say "Hot" and pull at her diaper. Now, everyone knows that my apt. does tend towards the warm side, for sure, but really the funny part was that she understands the word to have a double meaning, the description of temperature but also "take my diaper off!!".

We all slept in my bed and it was a very delightful thing to wake up in the morning with this little being, all gleeful and curious. I imagined that I was getting a teeny little peek into the best part of what it might be like to have my own kid.

I have a great photo of her with her gorgeous mama that I will post later in the week.

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Allison said...

She looks like she would laugh reaaaaallly alot if you gave her a strawberry on her belly.