Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's In the Box?

There it is. The truth about Allison, revealed, in the form of a music box. This, my friends, is just one of the many items belonging to Allison that I have moved around with me over the last 6 years. Alright, I bear some of the blame for never having opened said box, but can you blame me? The box had "Allison's Doll Collection" written clearly across the front of it. I understand the sentimental value of such a box, but don't really feel the need to see the dolls myself. It was only recently that I decided to open the box, thinking, ah yes, this will be a funny blog entry, we'll take scary photos of the dolls!


The box was not full of dolls. The box was full of banana combs with velvet poufs on them, a commemorative booklet from Fergie and Andrew's wedding (Allison was once quite the Anglophile, at least when it comes to the royalty), some old nylon stockings, a Snoopy pin, loose beads, single earrings and also, this music box.

This box is a time capsule. This box is a peek into Allison's soul, circa 1986.

I think it will look really nice in her Manhattan pied a terre, don't you?


Dakota said...

i remember that music box and i'm not kidding

Allison said...

I'm ignoring this post.