Thursday, July 13, 2006


My Name is Allison and I am a Project Runway Addict.

Last night the First Episode and Casting Special (!) for Season 3 were on. And my heart swelled with joy. And the shaking stopped. And now you know where you can find me every Wednesday night.

And if you call me on Wednesday night, I will not answer until it is over. I will, however be available for text-messaging.

Every time I watch the show, I get so prideful of my alma mater. THERE IT IS! THAT'S MY SCHOOL!!!! It's amazing that Eugene can live with me. Maybe they'll do a product design reality show at Carnegie Mellon, and then he can see how it feels. Haha PSYCH! Who cares about product design? It's all about fashion baby!

My initial thoughts?


Alison - Naturally, though I think my husband might also like her - a bit too much. Cute, cute, cute! If I knew her in real life I would spend all of my time being enviousness of her cuteness. She looks like a playboy bunny from 1976.

Keith - I felt bad for him in the interview, but he took it like a man and proved he had skills in the very first challenge. Plus I think he's kind of cute, even if he is gay! gay! gay!

Laura - You have to love a mother of five (though I suspect some of them are step-kids) who can look so elegant and rock the bright red hair and lipstick. My favorite quote? "It's a slippery slope to sweats and a mini-van... I just don't go there" and "I'm an ARCHITECT!"


Malan - My god! The fakety fake british accent and greasy hair! You just want to jump through the screen and slap him and then force his head under a faucet with about a gallon of head & shoulders!

Jeffrey - What is up with the neck tattoo people?!!!! For little baby jesus' sake - it makes you look like you have 15 flat chins and the single one that you DO have isn't substantial enough to stand up for itself! And the stupid hood! Stephen Sprouse did it in the eighties! It's been DONE DONE DONE! Stop torturing me with your rock starness!

Anyways. Those are my intital thoughts.

By the way - I think Heidi Klum is pregnant AGAIN! My goodness, her and Seal must plan to populate the planet with their kids!

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