Monday, July 10, 2006

The Roof - the Roof - the Roof is on Fire!

No - not really.

Or at least I hope not. Yikes!

I just wanted to provide some photographic evidence that we are actually working on our house. And be 'we' of course I mean primarily Eugene with some minor assist by me.

Any hoo, here it is - several stages back. We (again - Eugene and petit moi) finished the first section and are demo-ing the second section in this photo. The second section is now almost finished with the re-roofing part and then we move onto the backside of the house. Haha I said 'backside'!

This weekend while Eugene was roofing, I was having an All! New! Recipes! Weekend! I made:

Cambodian Beef Salad - It was delicious and lime-y. From that limey Nigella Lawson's How to Eat cookbook. (Get it? British = limey? whatever). My advice though? If you are using the fresh chili peppers, remember to wear the gloves. That shit HURTS!

Haddock with Leeks and Sugar Snap Peas - This was from The Minimalist. Again yum - but with significantly less pain to my fingers. Leeks don't bite as much as chili peppers. And sugar snap peas are so sweet, how could they hurt anyone? They taste as sweet as baby cheeks!

Wholes Roast Chicken and Simple Green Salad - Okay - this isn't new to me, so perhaps it was more of an All New Recipes Saturday. However, aren't you happy to know that I shoved a lemon up a chicken's butt this weekend? And I did make a pan gravy I'd never made before.

So, despite the fact that he tried to work his ass off this weekend, Eugene did not succeed because I feed him so well.

I will be back with pictures of Alaska. Pinky swear.

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