Monday, August 28, 2006

Are You Ready for This?

Look! We have cute babies in New York too!

This is Declan, Brooke's baby, and he is comprised of the most deliciously edible elbows and knees you've even seen. Actually, it's kind of hard to see the elbows and knees because of all the dimples... but you get the idea.

He is only six months old and he likes to jump and jump and jump. Which explains why Brooke is already back in what appears to be her pre-baby excellent shape.

I got to see him friday night when I met up with my girlfriends at Pop. He was more yummy than anything on the menu. Even the juicy little Pop Burger sliders.

I was feeling icky and run down this morning, until I saw this picture in my e-mail and that turned my whole day around.

That and a sub-standard chocolate croissant from Au Bon Pain.

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Heather said...

Gerber baby! Love the stripes.