Friday, August 25, 2006

Rest in Pieces

First off, you have to check this out.


Now pick yourself up off the floor.

Certainly my photo isn't as picturesque as your photo, but it certainly was a familiar landscape for a good long while. Above is the closing night of 9c and now two more of our old haunts are evaporating into the ephemera of yesteryear.

To quote Star Trek - resistance is futile. The Continental and CBGBs must go!

Remember the days of the Turbo ACs ? The Clowns for Progress? Heap (not that I ever remembered any of their music...)? Girltoucher? LES Stiches? The Big Geraniums? The Cows at CBGBs?

I know you do!

Remember the bad old days of Green Door and Blow Pop? 2A and their movie nights?

Dang we had some fun.

Those days are long gone, and its not like I'm going to go build a shrine at Trigger's door, but I will miss passing by and reminiscing about all the nights that I barely remember.

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