Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another cop-out

That's right, the photo cop-out. I can't help it, it's One Of Those Days, yep, just one a them days... can you hear Monica singing to you? People yellin at me, getting salty... for real, people, how is that going to help you?

Anyway, look at the gorgeous ranch photo above - the light on the hills, the impending storm, all moody and enticing, the weathered barn, the lush grasses. It's good. It is so good.


LadyGripe said...

Yeah, you are a brilliant photographer.

Now write something already!



Lil said...

I do not believe you took this photo because I can hardly believe anywhere is so beautifully like a movie. Does Robert Redford come out on a horse soon?

Anonymous said...

I think a little more copy is required soon.