Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Crazy Dream No. 1

So last night I had a crazy dream. Actually, I have a fair number of crazy dreams so I thought they might make for a good blogging subject.

I'll tell you the crazy dream and you can tell me what you think it means. Here goes.

Euge and I are back in Seattle. It's nighttime, pitch black and raining. We are driving around like crazy people, careening about overpasses and up and down hills.

We go to meet up with Dakota and Clay. We meet them at a pizza parlor - more Two Boots than Sbarros... kind of like Pagliaccis but nicer. The room is painted a dark orange - almost burnt sienna - and lining the walls at about a 6 foot height are square shadowboxes with little hand-knit baby sweaters in them. We are sitting in a booth.

Suddenly, the door opens and a women, who I don't recognize, rushes in wearing a yellow rain slicker. She seems to be there to meet a man at another table, and she tries to close the door behind herself. Before she can, a big, shaggy haired lion bursts through.

Eugene tries to feed the lion peanut butter from his fingertips.

And then I woke up.

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