Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cutest Ever

It's official, this is the cutest thing I ever made. This sweater is cute, but really, Dakota is even cuter. So cute that when she opened the bag and pulled out this sweater and I looked at her sweet face, I started to cry. I did.

This is why I knit, people. Because there is going to be a Dakota baby, and that Dakota baby is going to wear my sweater made with my own hands!

All the teeny little stitches, the $100 trips to the yarn store, the hand cramps, the cursing, the mad dashes to Kristine's Wednesday night drop-in knitting class so that she can soothe me with whiskey tea and help me figure out how the hell to put all those little pieces together without having them end up all wonky and lumpy - all of that, totally worth it when you see Mrs. Keene Marsh holding up a little stripey sweater you made at her baby shower.

She made it double worth it when she gave me the Cowboy Mix CD that will serve as commemorative materials for our night in the Woolley, Summer '06. Juice Newton, that's all I have to say. Juice. Newton! Wow!

P.S. The sleeves are supposedly to be mis-matchedy


LadyGripe said...

ARGH! Why did I have to be at my Disaster Weekend instead of a fun Baby Shower Weekend?

I am even more bummed now.

But that sweater is pretty darn cute. Maybe Dakota will get to loan it to me someday.

Dakota said...

It's true, Heather cried. And so did I. I LOVE this sweater so much...I'm keeping it forever. It's so thoughtful and perfect and special. You can even see the little baby straining to see it or love it or something by the mishapen nature of my belly in this photo (I don't think it always looks like this, I hope). I can't wait to put this little Belle (as my mom is now calling it, the name Jupiter is losing some luster)in this sweet sweater, all wrapped up and happy.