Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's up with the Car Kharma? and thank God for Knitting

Okay, so, I have even MORE sympathy for your weekend of disaster now, since last night, there was another loss in the family. Natalie appears to have died.

Her check engine light came on, then it felt like the clutch was going, then it was okay. Then when I parked her, the coolant came bubbling up from the radiator into the coolant reservoir, then, moments later, it was gone. All gone! NO coolant in the reservoir!!!

I left her at the barn and got a ride to the Target in Redmond. Then I waited for Elvis to come get me. It's a good thing I had my knitting with me. The Target bench where I sat waiting was not nearly as lovely a setting as the LCS pictured above, but I was knitting on those very socks and as long as I kept my eyes on the yarn, everything was pretty.

But let me just say, no one will ever get me into a Target again.

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Allison said...

Oh poor Natalie!

Are you having her towed to someone who can give her some TLC?

I can understand your feelings RE: Target... but my feelings towards Walmart are far more violent and deeply rooted.

I would pick a Target over a Walmart any day but, given the option, I would pick just about anything else.

Fred Meyer! Yay Fred Meyer!