Friday, August 11, 2006

Other Ways in Which I am Famous (Besides for Drinking)

See that pretty photo on the cover of Communication Arts? That's a photo from a book I did design work on, Botanica, which is featured as one of their best books of photography for the year. They don't show the book as it was designed, rather, they show prints from the book but it's still pretty nice.

It's also pretty nice that I have a huge print of the photograph, inscribed to Eugene and I, from the photographer. Wishing us a 'happy life'. It's framed and hanging in our bathroom in Vermont.

Don't laugh. In a timberframe house, it's hard to find wallspace for something that size. And the frame is really nice!

Also mentioned in the same issue is the In Character; Actors Acting book that I also worked on. And they mention how handsomely designed it is. Unfortunately, I think I am only credited with page layout or something, but it's still nice. And since I am not the one who spends years conceptualizing and photographing the subjects for the books, I am okay with that.

I told you that we saw Robert Howell at the launch party for that book didn't I? He was working for the company that produced the event. Small world, no? Robert is still, well, Robert.

In case you are interested, the other books I have worked on with Howard are Athlete and Nude Body Nude. And apparently we are doing another book this fall. Woohoo!

Suffice to say, when you need your book cover designed, if you don't call me I will be devistated.



I'll cry myself to sleep weeping silent tears of desperation every night.

No pressure though!


Heather said...

Sweet! I also need helep with the title. Any thoughts?

Allison said...

Shut up! Are you mocking my typos Heater?

Heather said...

Funny, no I was not mocking your typos, I meant I need help with the title of my book. For reals! I didn't mean to spell help wrong.

You are famous for good reason! I love your designs. Hopefully you know that.

And you're not famous for your drinking, your infamous for it! Or notorious.