Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Last Day as a 32-Year-Old

This morning I had to go to the DMV to have my liscense renewed since it expires tomorrow. The photo above is my DMV photo from my unmarried days, when I was cute.

The photo from my most recent liscense is unprintable. I look like someone beat me with a fugly stick, but I would like to think that I was just jet-lagged from our honeymoon.

In any case, I was looking forward to a leisurely wait at the DMV. I had my New Yorker all primed and ready to read, I had a cup of coffee even, but I was in for a rude surprise.

They were fast.

They were so fast that I didn't even get to ask the clerk who helped me why she had a picture of Al Pacino from Scarface taped to the front of her counter. They were so fast that I actually got to work on time.

I didn't get to drink my coffee, much less read an article. Darn those fast DMV people!

As a side note, I would like to mention that the guy who runs the counter where you get your forms and numbers was the same guy who was there three years ago, which I found strangely comforting in a 'New York is really just a small town' kind of way.

Any hoo, it's a normal day. I have work to do. I'll go to the gym tonight and cook dinner (chicken with anchovies, mushrooms and capers over whole wheat cous cous). I'll watch Bones and Project Runway and maybe Million Dollar Homes (the realtors make me think of Mom - hee!). I'll clean the apartment, because my mother-in-law is coming in on Friday.

And then I'll go to bed and when I wake up tomorrow I will be 33. Jesus age, right? Woohoo!

At least my new photo from the DMV will be good.

I hope.

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