Monday, October 30, 2006

Look What I Finally Got

This made me crazy happy today. I have photos of the ocean, of trees, of my two gorgeous poet roommates from the conference, but no, I post a photo of a latte.

I made it to Denver. Now I'm sitting in a hotel room, eating almonds and wasabi peas and drinking Kool-Aid at 2AM. I know, it's an odd meal, but that was all I had left in the car and somehow it never did occur to me to get any dinner tonight. In between getting lost on the way to SFO and then again in Denver and all. What the hell happened to my sense of direction?

Tomorrow is a big day, so I'm not going to write a lot now. A few days ago, I dropped my phone (again) and the flippy screen thing finally broke all the way off, so I need to get a new phone, go to the bank, and do my grocery shopping for the next 37 days. Oh, and there may be some yarn in there somewhere. My big regret is that the Denver Art Museum won't be open.

Then it's the long drive back to Creede, which I'm looking forward to. I never did get to tell you how gorgeous it was on the way out. Gorgeous. Poetry gorgeous.

I'm also looking forward to getting mail when I get back to my little town, and to the dogs running up the driveway, and to settling down to some real writing.

Pam had an article in the Sunday NY Times. Check it out here for a little more about Creede.
Glad a Vermont weekend was FINALLY relaxing!

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K said...

I know you are a born again convert to this writers conference business, but, need I say it??? Don't drink the Kool -Aid!

on another note

Can you find out for me please, the make and model of the faucet of Pam's bathtub? I have forwarded the to our designer.