Sunday, October 29, 2006

The View from Here... or Rather, There

Fall foliage in effect on our way back from New Hampshire

So this weekend in Vermont was actually... prepare yourself for it... relaxing!

We drove up Friday night and got in at a very respectable time, drank some mint tea and went to bed.

It rained all day Saturday so we visited neighbors, drove to New Hampshire, did laundry, cooked and watched the X-men III movie. And spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling, praying our new roof wouldn't leak.

And it didn't!

Today, I did yoga, Euge helped a neighbor install a new heating system, we both watched a movie and drove home. Dialing our way through all the talk radio that I could find on the AM bandwidth.

Why oh why is there not more talk radio on FM? And why does NPR have to go to global music every time I am driving home? Couldn't I have Car Talk or This American Life or The Glorious Table?

Anyways, I am sure we did some other stuff today, but really there was just a lot of relaxing going on.

Oh, right, I did more laundry. See how much you and I, and our rural lifestyles, have in common?

So, pretty much all I have to share are some photos of foliage and the assessment that, as a former employee of Marvel comics, and former girlfriend of an X-men writer, and former X-men addict, and current fan of Hugh Jackman (yum!), the X-men III movie sucked royally.

Not that I thought you were going to watch it anyways. I just thought you might like to know.

Anyways, here's yet another photo of the house only, this time, from the other side of the pond. See if you can see it up on the hill with its shiny new roof!

This is actually taken from our property on the other side of the pond. And we own all of the pond in the middle. Yup, we own lots of pond.

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