Sunday, October 29, 2006

My New Do

Me and Donna - who cut more of her hair off than I did

So, I know you won't be there when we get to Seattle, so I don't want you to get all panicked when Mom or Dad calls and says something about how I cut all of my fabulous bushy hair off.

sidenote: why do people always describe my hair as bushy as though that were a complement?

I have not cut all of my hair off. Only a lot of it.

I am not revisiting the late nineties mullet-esque Vidal Sassoon catastrophe and I am certainly not back into the very short phase of my early teens. No no no!

I have merely reduced the volume somewhat and taken off about half a foot. It's light and kind of feathery - sometimes if I work hard enough it even kinda looks like Madonna's current do.

Not that it is a precurser to my adoption of a small child either.

It's just a haircut. Just a haircut that takes ten minutes less to dry and doesn't look like it's been chewed on by rabid dogs. That's all.

Just a new do.

Thought you might like to know. Since you're in heaven and everything.

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