Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Beauty

One thing I've totally failed to capture here so far is the sunsets. This photo doesn't do it either, but it was still a photo taken as the light was changing, so it will have to do for now.

So far, the sunsets haven't been those dramatic color changes that I used to enjoy in New Mexico. They are much more subtle, but the sky is so big that you just feel the changes in the light sweeping over you, even if you are in the house, getting the dogs their dinner, as I was tonight.

Productive day here. They all feel productive, no matter what I'm doing. I know some of you are anxious to make sure I'm writing (I am) or getting out on some hikes (not so much yet, but tomorrow, since the little hunting season window for the hunters closes tonight) and I get that, but I've also been thinking a lot about how great it is to just feel so happy doing whatever I'm doing. Today after breakfast and a little writing, I mopped the kitchen and dining room floor, did some dishes, took out the trash, made sure everyone had water, went into town for the mail, then sat in the coffee shop with my latte (again I declined the whipped cream) and read an article in the New Yorker. All equally pleasing things to do.

Hope you had a good day.


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