Thursday, October 19, 2006

So Hawt. I Can't Think of a Title.

Dude, it's haaawwwt and humid in New York right now. Egh, we must have brought it back with us from Austin.

Sadly, no-one has sent me any pictures yet, so you'll have to settle for a random photo selection, or rather a photo I should have posted a while ago... our finished roof!

Look at our happy happy home with its snug roof - only six months after we started! Just kidding, it was only four months. And we were gone for at least two or three weekends.

Any hoo, I really should give Euge props for doing virtually the entire thing himself.

Props to Eugene!

It was back breaking labor and I know that it stopped being fun about two or three weeks into the project, but he stuck with it. In fact, I think he's kind of sad that it's done.

However, I am very happy that it is done because, theoretically, it means I get my husband back on the weekends. I've spent the last four months of weekends cooking and cleaning for a sweaty creature that only descends from the roof after dusk and falls asleep shortly thereafter.

I'm also glad that it's done because it's time for some snow, dammit! Stop hogging all the snow out there in Colorado! And since we were away last weekend and have another wedding this weekend (they never end!), it's comforting to know that there shouldn't be any huge leaks or anything.

Knock on wood.

Oh! Look! It's Eugene and Chris!

The reason I post this is that I was thinking of Halloween. It's almost time for all the big Halloween parties and I am stuck on ideas for costumes. Once again, you may ask - what does that have to do with posting a picture of Eugene with Chris????

At the Mean Eyed Cat they are having a big Halloween party and I thought I would ask - what would you wear to a Halloween party at the Mean Eyed Cat and what do you think Eugene and I should wear?

To our parties in New York, I mean.

And if you can think of something that would utilize my Mean Eyed Cat tube top, that would be great.


Heather said...

Awww! That's a cute photo of the boys.

Halloween is the other thing (besides Seahawks games) that I'm truly sorry to be missing out on. I'll give some thought to costumes, but aren't I the one who's always calling you for ideas.

I think the fake superhero idea is always good, but my favorite costume for all time is definitely the 60s pill-popping housewife. I love her. I want to be her everyday.

Kristin said...

if you lived here i would say you ought to go as footballer and WAG, which would allow the Mean Eyed Cat tube top. perhpas you could embroider your jeans with a Victoria Beckham crown emblem? you wouldn't be able to talk with your lips pressed together all night, but, you'll look good on the cover of Hello magazine.

or you could go as Madonna and Guy Ritchie with adopted Malawian boy -

Dakota said...

That is the BEST foto ever! You MUST send me that hi rez pleez.
I wish you were here for Halloween because Joseph is going as a Mean Eyed Cat bouncer with his black Mean Eyed Cat onesie and a black beanie and wrist bands...I'm going as a Mean Eyed Cat groupie/barfly and Clay is going as a Pool Shark.

Anonymous said...

I think the photo's kinda gay lookin...

Heather said...

Hmm... but anonymous comments are...manly? I don't think so.