Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Snowy Day

Here's what our day looks like today. Earlier there was thunder and lightning, while it was snowing. Does that ever happen in Seattle?

It snows so rarely in Seattle that all my associations with snow are of Christmas and days we didn't have to go to school or work, good adventures and fun. When I was in high school (okay, and here's where having your mom read your blog is a problem, but oh well) it snowed one day and Kirstin and I went back to my house, got some pink lemonade mix and vodka and put it in yogurt containers and wandered around in the snow. Sorry, but it was fun. If you're in high school, do not do this! Very bad.

Snow also reminds me of ending up in strange places with people you wouldn't ordinarily hang out with. When I lived in New York, snow wasn't as uncommon, but it still always felt special. There was a time when it snowed so much that I got to leave work, even though work was only about a mile walk from my apartment. The guy I liked then had a best friend, Lou, and for some reason (probably the reason was that Lou always liked you, Ali) Lou got in touch with me that day and showed up at my work. We wandered away from my office and played hooky in the East Village all day, and I especially remember sitting in a bar on 1st Avenue, drinking hot chocolate with Jamesons (because that's what Darren and Lou drank, Irish Whiskey) and looking out the window while Lou told me how much Darren liked me. I haven't seen Lou in years but I still get text messages from Darren and I still love him to pieces, for a lot of little reasons, including the fact that one night when my mom was visiting and she was scurrying around my apartment trying to help, he told her "Now Breta, I have a job for you. Your job is to sit there and keep that chair from hitting the ceiling." or some such silly thing, and if I'm remembering it wrong, don't correct me, Mom, because I like that story.

Anyway, the snow always makes me think of nice things, so it's pleasant to hang out inside today and watch the storm swirl around this little house. The house feels very cabin-y today, and I like that.

Hope it's nice in one way or another wherever you are.


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Allison said...

I think my very favorite snow memories are of when it would snow enough for sledding down the hill, on Prospect. It was so scary!

I have some pretty good, more recent, snow memories - but that will always take the cake. Maybe it would have been even better with vodka! Must try that in vermont!

Just kidding!