Tuesday, November 21, 2006

10 Random Things

This is the gas station in our little town here. Isn't it funny? Look, they have gifts too! That's where I got the famous orange hat that I know you all love. Here are ten random things for today:

- At the gas station today, there was a sign on the pump that said this:
Out of
No lead
Should have more
by 1:30 APX:
maybe -
possibly -
probably -
it could happen!

- Yesterday at the post office, I was chastised for not coming to pick up my mail more frequently. I had only skipped ONE day! I got in trouble for having too much mail! I consider this an excellent accomplishment

- I'm going to make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and eat it all myself. Yes, I am! I might roast a chicken too, but then again, maybe pie is enough...

- When I went into the grocery store today, the guy who was restocking the teeny produce section said "How have you been this week?" to me. It made me feel like the grocery store equivalent of a regular.

- I took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine today to drive over Wolf Creek Pass to check out Pagosa Springs. It was 60 degrees in Pagosa Springs, and even at the the ski basin it was almost 50 degrees.

- Seeing all those folks with their skis and everything up there made me want to go sledding. I've got to go sledding! Who wants to go sledding with me?

- This has been an incredible year for mix CDs in my life. There was the Loggerodeo mix from Dakota this summer, and no less than 5, FIVE, mix CDs by Susan for our road trip (Cheese mix, Happy mix, and Susan's very own expert takes on the 70s, 80s and 90s), and now there is a new mix CD from my writing group. Each time we get together in person, we choose a theme for our next CD. The latest arrived in the mail yesterday, and the theme is what we were listening to when we were 16. It's a double album (I think that term's appropriate here) and can I just say, this CD confirms for the gagillionth time how kick ass these women are. Disc 2 starts with Don't Fear the Reaper! Don't Fear the Reaper, people! My god.

- For lunch I got to have a decent latte and a chicken panini with pickled onions and bourbon mustard. Oh, so good!

- Yesterday, I stood on the back porch and watched as Fenton chased an elk across the pasture. It let him run right up to it before it bounded away. That was quite a sight. I have to admit, I love watching these dogs chase things. They just look so impressive. Unfortunately, most of the time, the only things here for them to chase are the horses.

- Right now Fenton is sleeping on the couch, and apparently he is having a bad dream because he's whimpering and yelping a little in his sleep. I better go wake him up and give him nice pets.


Anonymous said...

Don't Fear the Reaper AND an elk?! So. Jealous.

Heather said...

I know, how lucky am I? The CD also had Jack and Diane on it, which I think is one of the greatest songs a 16 year old can listen to, really.