Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Comfort and Joy

This is without a doubt one of my favorite places in the world. That's right, my own bed. Isn't that what coming home is all about? Sleeping in your own bed. This week, all two days of it, has been all about comfort. Getting joy from comfort. Here are some of the things facilitating the conversion of comfort to joy this week: the Seattle Public Library and recommendations for books on CD from Katherine, the smell of the Christmas wreath I have hanging over my kitchen sink, art made by bloggers I love (like the log cabin pillow Lisa made for me, in the photo above and my birds by Amy), reading in bed, changing into PJs and handknit socks the minute I get home, eating roast chicken for dinner, drinking a hot cup of tea in the bath, knitting socks, yes, that again and while I'm at it, I know I'm getting redundant but even so, I will add lattes. Of course I'm adding those on the day when the pretty girl in line behind me looked at the dragonfly Bobby was pouring into my cup and said "There's a whole lotta love in that little cup."

And lastly, what I'm up to tonight, watching the yeah, okay, corny but STILL! underrated holiday classic "Home For the Holidays" (come on, Clare Danes in handknit hat and mittens, on the curb at the airport, telling her mom Holly Hunter that by the way while Holly is out of town she Clare is going to have sex for the first time? or Robert Downey Jr with the Polaroid, or the scene in the place where Leo Fish is trying to get the coffee, or Holly Hunter smoking a joint in the bathroom while she sings to herself, and Anne Bancroft, people, I love Anne Bancroft. Really, the scene where he's getting the coffee. Seriously. Should be required viewing for all men under 30. Should have been required viewing for them when I was under 30. It could have made all the difference. But any man who still needs that speech after 30 should be abandoned. There are a few.

As far as holiday movies go, yeah, sign me up for that one. Let me just get comfortable on the couch here with my knitting. Maybe I'll even watch it twice. Hell, that's good for almost half a sock.


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LadyGripe said...

I liked your bed too! In fact I liked your whole apartment!

I remember Andy's fancy hair. He was funny - his eyes were as big as saucers when I said ' I have this feeling about you... that your birthday is September 28th...' hee!

Euge saw more of him than I did though, since I was usually loitering in your bed while Euge ran and got us coffee...