Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Favorite Things Today

Well, while you are apparently bidding your job adieu, I am holding on tight at mine... Ah, to be young and single!


Today,at work, I was thinking that I had some favorite things to share. Things about work. Is that crazy?

And here they are....

My commute to work in the morning. I read The New Yorker, I drink my blooming tea, and it takes only twenty minutes door-to-door. And this morning on the train, out of the dozen or so people around me, six were reading The New York Times. I think that's nice!

Oh, and I like the opportunity to check out everyones shoes and handbags.

The flowers on my desk. They are a week and a half old and aren't they lovely? And they smell as yummy as they look. The flower stall at Rockefeller Center is da bomb.

My tchatchki. My pictures and cards and whatnot that I keep at my desk. I get to look at the people I love, amongst other things, whenever rI am having a less than ideal moment. And, yes, that is a magic 8 ball.

My vacation day that I get to carry over from last year! I never got to carry over a day before! Woohoo!

Getting out of work at 5 o'clock. And not having to take work home with me. I very vividly remember the years of studio work, where my time was not my own. I have worked my share of late nights and, at least for the moment, I am happy to have passed that chapter in my life. Since I have some other things to occupy my brain and spare time with right now.

My paycheck. It's nice. And they give it to me for making pretty pictures. That's not so tragic. I mean, you saw before. I was drawing a wallaby! And this they pay me for.

My co-workers. I work with people I like. Isn't that nice too? One of my wo-workers gave me that little mask from Venice! And some of my other co-workers gave me the Human Sparkler card! That makes me smile.

I am wishing you very much happiness leaving your job. I think it's awesome. The perfect Valentine's Day gift to yourself!

I, on the other hand, will be staying awhile at mine. And I am good with that.

Bon chance, as Mama would say!

p.s. You look crazy scary in the hoodie! You better send it to me. Hee!
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