Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's New

  • I'm loving the camera phone pictures these days. This one in particular cracks me up.
  • Korean/French cuisine? = grey creme brulee. That's not right.
  • I'm on a major hip-hop soul queen kick. Mo loves MJB. Have you heard her song about PMS? That is some funny stuff "I'm feeling quite UGG-A-LEEEEE!".
  • Last day at my job - February 15th! This is going to give me some much needed time off right before my next manuscript deadline.
  • This is going to result in a whole new round of goals for the 35 things to do before I turn 36, so look out!

What's new with you?



Anonymous said...

Congrats on leaving the job! Did you get a new one?

And grey creme brulee? So wrong.

SoulPony said...

Don't you love "not gon' cry" by Mary J. It's my fav or hers.