Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here's the photo you've been waiting for, Allison - me in the Mean-Eyed Cat hoodie! Like the way I've got the Mean Eye too? I was so grateful for this sweatshirt this weekend.

We hit the road for Portland a little after 6, with lattes in hand. That turned out to be a mistake for me, since a little mishap in the car led to my spilling a full latte all over my coat, down the front of my jeans and all over the back of Kirstin's car. It was a measure of our mood that mostly this just led to a lot of laughing, and a fifteen minute detour to a gas station where Rachel helped me sop up all that milk. I am hoping that Kirstin won't be cursing my name as she drives around this week, smelling the after effects. The coat smelled awful and was totally stiff when it finally dried, so I spent last night walking around Portland in my hoodie and little green leather coat. Luckily we were in taxis most of the time, and there were those warming beverages I had as well, so it all worked out okay.

More on the PDX adventures later. We had a ridiculously good time. If you haven't been out with your girlfriends in a while, plan something now! Something involving music that none of the men in your lives will listen to, and outfits you are not really sure you should wear out in public. Hats, wigs and sunglasses are optional, but they really do add a certain something.


Kristin said...

I think it's funny that Portland has become your Vegas, this place where you can take your alter ego out in public and anything goes. Living there would make you feel a little more self conscious - I think. Although, that never stopped us. Where did you hangover breakfast? I am kicking myself that I recommended the Gus Van Sant hangout, Bluehour, when obviously this was a weekend that called for a little Doug Fir Lounge, or Dante's or Halocene. I hope you didn't spend too much time in the wrong place - sounds like you made some "good choices". Hmm? It's always good advice isn't it? Even when you choose door number three. (what color was your wig?) love kristin ps happy birthday K..

Heather said...

Yeah, you're right about PDX being my Vegas, but then again, the older I get, the more Everywhere becomes my Vegas.

We did go to Dante's! To see March 4th and another band whose name I forget. But they were great and gave someone a prize for knowing that it was Heraclites who said the thing abotu not being able to step in the same river twice.

Kristin said...

do you believe that? What Heraclitus said? I seem to be making a name for myself by proving that one wrong.