Thursday, January 25, 2007

Looking Back

Beautiful Regan and I went to Crave last night for dinner. It's been a good week for dinner and girlfriends. Susan and I hit King's Hardware last Thursday, then Friday was the bar at Thaiku with Kirsten and Erin, Tuesday I went to Portalis with Gena, Pam and Erin, then there was Crave last night. These events included, among other things, a Radiant Flower, a white port spritzer, an excellent Pinot Gris (Pierre Sparr 2004 Reserve), two cheese plates, a charcuterie plate and a pint of PBR. I'm exceedingly fond of PBR.

Anyway, Crave was tasty, but the best part is always the conversation with Regan. She was a fan of the Colorado blog days, and told me last night what a pleasure it had been to read the blog in those days because I seemed so happy. It's true, I was happy. Every day. Giddy happy. Thinking about this made me realize something that I hadn't exactly noticed, or maybe admitted to myself, since I got back.

Being happy in Colorado totally ruined my tolerance for unhappiness. I thought I might grow lazy in Colorado, have a hard time adjusting to not having my days be "my own", but really none of those things happened, exactly. What happened instead was this impatience, a certain itchiness that comes over me when I'm not happy. Waiting things out, muddling through, sucking it up? Not really an option these days. I am painfully pro-active when it comes to addressing my own unhappiness. We'll see how that works out for me.

In the mean time, the good news is how comfortable I have become with happiness. It comes over me in this rush of feeling and it's like I'm...

... at home. Home. On the couch, with my wooly shedding rug, my new candle burning, and my feet up on the coffee table. I have a newfound appreciation for my couch. Turns out it's remarkably easy to be happy on this couch. Even when you spend a week reading more than a hundred performance reviews on it.

Of course it helps when you mostly spend time on it in between running out for shenanigans with the girlfriends. Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to Portland this weekend with Kirstin and Rachel, for Kirstin's birthday? Talk about Here Comes Trouble! Hee.

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