Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here I am this Weekend!

Okay, not really. This picture was taken in Utah two (or was it three? Yikes!) years ago. I will pretty much look the same though. Same coat, same pants, same helmet. New gloves.

My riding attire is not so trendy. It is the same. Year in, year out. I am the Audrey Hepburn of snow boarding. I leave the Gwen Stefanie-inspired gear to the girls who match their boards to their toenail polish. My board is black.

With dolphins!

This weekend we will be hitting the slopes for the first time this season. I don't care if I spend half the time skidding around on mud - which is a real possibility - I am going to be out there!

I miss it! I miss snowboarding so much!

It's so awesome (already with the snowboarder-esque adjectives!) when it's crisp and chilly and the snow is dry and fast. Or damp and mushy. Or I would even take icy and slick at this point. Which is also a real possibility.

Euge and I have so much fun together on the mountain. Of course, he's been skiing since he was three, but when we started dating he started free-heel skiing so that we could be beginners together.

He picked up the telemarking a bit fast than I did the snowboarding. I have that whole rational fear of going downhill fast and hitting things hard, whereas he doesn't seem to mind genuflecting his way down the mountain at high speeds.

Still, I can keep up - mostly - now. Okay, except in the bumps. So we have a great time! Except in the bumps. And I want to have that great time this weekend!

We did not buy a house in Vermont so that I could spend my weekends rolling up snowballs in a video game.

Though - as Mom can tell you - Katamari Damaci is da bomb. (Again with the rider lingo!)

Finally, it seems like it has gotten cold enough to make heading to the mountain worthwhile. Normally, December and January are a bit of a throw-away, but still we get out. This year - nothing. Nothing but 65 degree days or icy rain. Not exactly ideal weather conditions.

I haven't even had my picture taken for my season pass yet and that, my sister, is just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

So don't call this weekend between 9am and 5pm. I will be at the mountain.

Unless of course both of us are so wildly out of shape that we have to quit early. Which is also a very real possibility.
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