Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two-Stepping is the New Snowboarding

So, here I am this weekend. Okay, this was actually taken, um, three years ago, but you get the idea. I was at the Hen tonight! Damn, I love that place. Caitlin went with me, and I have to admit that around 7:00, an hour before we were supposed to be there, I started to lose faith a little. What if it wasn't as great as I remembered it? What if there weren't plenty of guys to dance with, as I had promised Caitlin there would be?
I shouldn't have worried. True, Caitlin spent part of the lesson without a partner, but then someone stepped up and showed her the ropes. After that, there was hardly a minute to take a sip of beer. I had forgotten that, in addition to just being so damn fun, the whole two-step thing can really be a workout.

Some of the regulars I knew from three years ago were still there, but the funniest thing of the night was that a guy who has talked to me in the coffee shop before came up to me and said "You look really familiar to me - do I know you from somewhere?". It took me a second to place him, but then I did, and told him that we had met in Fiore. He gave me a funny look and said "Wow, I would never have recognized you from there, you look completely different here." That's an especially funny statement given the fact that I haven't changed my hair in the last year, and was wearing something I would have worn at the coffee shop. When I asked him what was different, he said "I don't know, you look more... introverted at the coffee shop, and here you're... totally not!". And then some Credence came on, and we went out for a dance. If you haven't been dancing in a while, Ali, I highly recommend it. Remember how much fun we used to have at the swing nights in NY? For some reason, dancing puts a lot of things in perspective for me. Life just doesn't have to be that complicated, you know?

Okay, here's the latest installment of my 35 things to do before I turn 36.

- re-frame my Elizabeth Peyton poster
- frame my Flatstock posters before I buy more at Flatstock 2008. Cause you know I will buy more!
- write and send a real letter at least once a month
- make a photo book of the ranch photos
- go two-stepping at the Hen

One down, 34 to go. I think I'll try that last one again next week too!


Allison said...

But was utilikilt man there? He was my favoreeet!


Dakota said...

please please PLEASE invite me next time you go Henning! Clay and Joseph can wait at home while I glide the floor with cowboys and drink Buds.