Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Got Nothin'

I know, another cell phone photo. Where's the quality control on this blog anyway? Look, I work now, people, and when I'm not working, it's dark out, and you know how I hate flash photos. They give me the creeps. Anyway, tonight I went out to dinner for a work thing, and as lovely as that was, it didn't really seem like taking photos for the blog would have been so appropriate. You know? But I would like to know why, after I washed my hands in the bathroom at a certain schmancy, dimly light waterfront restaurant where they bring you a chilled fork for your salad, they smell like the dentists' office. Eww. Must go rewash.
Here's where I am now. Do you love my Chucks? I do. Almost as much as I love my couch right now. Which is a lot. I was in need of some good couch time tonight.

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