Thursday, January 04, 2007

So Lucky!

So the husband came home last night and very exuberantly announced that his hard work had been rewarded in the best possible (work) way! He got a big ole raise! Yay!

I also am getting a big ole raise! So we won't starve to death this year! or be crazy homeless bag people! Or have to move to Vermont full time and chop our own wood and hunt our own food! I'll still be able to afford razors to shave my legs even!


Seriously though, we are very lucky people - not just materialistically, but also in the people who love us, in loving each other, in the opportunities we've been given, the places we've been and things we've seen. And all of the great things that are spread upon the path before us - even with a random boulder scattered here or there.

I know that ultimately we want more for ourselves, but at times it's nice just to think how great we have it now.

It being a new year, beyond thinking about goals for the future, I just want to think about this moment too.

And how great it is.

Now hopefully my husband will come home from work someday so that we can go out for a fancy dinner and celebrate!

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