Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is the update you've been waiting for

The Lola update! I hope I am not infringing any copyrights or pissing Marjie (whose name I spelled incorrectly in a previous post, how dreadful!) off by quoting from an email I got from her today.
She writes:
Just to let you know - we are now entering our 5th perfect day - no messes
of any kind in the house. Well - with one exception. Somebody put
the toilet paper roll back on the roller, so there was a little confetti
celebration of our guests and you, her new found love, but I have to confess, if
I were a puppy, I would also enjoy running though a few rooms with the end of a
roll of toilet paper between my teeth. But on the deal-breaker -- house
breaking -- she's been letter perfect. The onus of deciding when it's time
to go outside still rests with me, but we seem to be in synch and she goes on
out like a little trooper, regardless of foul weather. Who could ask for
more? Not moi.
Do you love Marjie, or what? I loved this update. And you all know that this blog is all about sharing the love. With you. Because you deserve it.
Have a great day. And know that sometimes, there really is a good reason not to put the toilet paper back on the roller. I just didn't realize that when I did it. Hee!


Allison said...

I just kissed that dog all over his face on my huge computer scree. And then I shredded a toilet paper roll and it was fun.

Allison said...

I meant screen not scree. Yo.

Dakota said...

sometimes i still get more excited about dogs than other peeple's babies...but not Scrumptious of course. Someday Scrumptious might get a puppy too, then I'll be in trouble because I might explode from cuteness. when you see the video of Scrumptious in his Polar Bear outfit from Christmas you might fall off your chair.