Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And I designed their wedding invitation

When you get married in New York, there is one major major element that you have literally no control over.

Whether or not your announcement ends up in the New York Times.

Now Eugene and I did okay.

Upper-left-hand corner on the second page, with our picture and an extended post. This is supposed to be the second most important location. I blame our success on the excellent photo that Karl had taken of us at Crista's wedding... and the fact that I practically wrote the announcement for them when I submitted.

We are a pretty colorful story. I definitely toned it down out of respect for the delicate sensibilities of the Gray Lady's readership.

It was pretty cool. People from work who I don't even know accosted me in the hallways to congratulate me. And Glamour actually called to see if Eugene and his perfect bald head would model for them. No joke!

What is the best announcement, you might ask? Though if you are female and have read the Sunday NY Times Style Section, I am betting that you know.

The Vows column. Where some intrepid reporter actually attends your wedding interviews your friends and family and writes about the whole thing for ladies everywhere to swoon over.

The couple who were the subject of this week's Vows column are friends of my friend Dana. And I designed their wedding invitation. I take a little offense that it is not mentioned, so I have reproduced it here, for you to see. Since all the details were published, I don't think that I am invading their privacy.

The design was meant to seem both asian and indian. But not too asian or indian. And not too precious. And not too fussy. But not too minimalist. Frannie knows what she likes, I tell you!

I just thought that you should know. I am sure that the wedding invitation design had something to do with their selection. Which would make me 2-0 for submissions to the Announcements Section that I have been involved with.

Not that I am counting or anything. That would be pretentious.

I should point out that this used to be my favorite blog. Until he stopped writing, that is. Thank the little baby buddah that he didn't start writing until months after our announcement appeared...

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