Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Not To Get Nervous For a Job Interview

SOS! All hands on deck! We got called out! One of our readers is losing patience with us! Okay, Tonya, this one is for you.

Luckily for the blog, I took the day off today. Ah, the Tuesday off! Taking a random weekday off feels like the most decadent thing ever. You know that Gwen Stefani song? Luxurious!

I started with coffee with Lisa R. Lisa may not realize it yet, but she is going to see me through my unemployed phase. We're going to be ladies of leisure together! Lisa, aren't you excited? Aren't I the person you've been waiting for? Can't you see it now? Lunch at Le Pichet! Amateur manicures! Afternoon matinees! God, it's going to be good.

After coffee, I got my hair cut for the first time since November of 2005. You would think that would rate it's own blog entry (we have been known to devote blog entries to even more frivolous topics) but the truth is, unless you are Kirstin, who was dying to chop off my damaged ends last weekend, you wouldn't know it had been cut unless I told you.

After the haircut, it was time for shopping. Barney's was first. Always go to the most expensive store first! It's important to set the bar high when you have limited closet space. Plus! Better to have a Barney's bag at Banana Republic than a Banana Republic bag at Barney's, right? Really, though, better not to go to Banana Republic, if you can go to Barney's. Bought a new suit there, and three Marc Jacobs tops at plus a little sweater and some other cute things at Anthropologie.

Bored yet? I wasn't. I was in heaven. It was just fun to walk around downtown, smell all the fancy candles, and have the nice lady at Barney's pat some fancy cream around my delicate eye area. Once you look at the picture on Lisa's blog, you'll understand why I was so excited about the fancy cream.

My final stop of the day was a late lunch with this guy.

Yeeks! Isn't he yummy? You know I don't love babies indiscriminately. I love only the cutest. Ugly babies need not apply. Which is why I loved Liam. One of the first photos of Liam that I saw was of him flipping off his dad, then when I met him in person, he was wearing a onesie that said "Lock up your daughters". He looks serious, but this little man is full of sass. Just like his parents, Jason and Lisa. Check out this little family:

I'm kinda' crazy about the whole package. Did you know that Lisa and Jason have been together for 17 years? Outrageous. I think they even still like at each other. Looking at them, I could almost think the whole marriage/kid thing might be kinda' fun.

You know, if I wasn't the kind of girl who wants to be able to quit my job AND buy $50 candles at Barney's all in the same week. Lisa R, my new partner in unemployed crime, am I right? Hee!

Oh, and WRT Veronica? Did they really have to make LoVe get back together and break up AGAIN? This is getting tiresome. Jeesh.


Allison said...

Geez, unemployment sounds nice.



Lisa said...

Judging by that photo of me it looks like I need the fancy eye cream at Barney's. Possibly a haircut too or maybe I'll just wash it next time.

Tonya said...

Glad you two are back. 2005? long time without a cut. My hair would be split to the scalp. You, my lady, must have the worlds best hair.

I want to be you for a week, No job and candles. I hate my boss.