Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For You, for Valentines Day, My Love!

Look I got you some sweet flowers! Don't the hyacinth smell like spring? Don't the tulips make you want to drive up to LaConner and go dancing naked in the field by moonlight?

Well, it's not time for spring yet! We need more snow - so stop thinking about spring!

I also decided to make something special - just for you.... can you guess from the ingredients what it is?

That's right! A delicious cheesecake!

Mmmmm... can't you just smell it? I can!

As soon as you come over, you can have a big old slice of cheesecake and you can smell the sweet hyacith to your heart's content!

Sorry - I didn't buy a card because I didn't want to buy into the crass commercialization of this holiest of holy holidays.

Just remember - I heart you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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