Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Hair Loves Dana's Hair More Than Dana's Hair Loves My Hair

You all remember Dana, right? The poet with the good hair and the cute butt? She's worth remembering. There are other non-shallow things to remember about her, like the fact that she co-hosts the excellent Poetry Thursday, has the kind of organizational skills that make me feel organized just talking to her, and has the kind of infectious love of language that makes you feel all itchy. Don't freak out though, it's not the germy kind of itchy, it's that kind you feel in your bones, like you're a kid who's growing so fast that your joints itch. The kind of itchy that makes you want to do something. Like run a mile or write a poem.* With Dana, it really does all come back to poetry, and I love that. How many people do you know who exude poetry like it's a perfume? I know one.

So, Dana and I finally got together to play last weekend. We went to Third Place Books and ate mac and cheese at the Honey Bear Bakery while we caught up. Dana is one of those people who really gives you her undivided attention, so of course she knew exactly what parts of my life to ask about and then listened patiently as I filled her in on all the post-ranch happenings. One small illustration of the aforementioned organizational skills is the fact that when it came time for her to catch me up, she had a four-point list of the items she wanted to discuss. Loved that.

I had a great Valentine's Day, what with the phone call from you, Ali, my Winnie the Pooh card from dad and the ridiculously indulgent dinner of oysters, champagne and chocolate that Kirstin spoiled me with. But the favorite thing I got in writing was what I like to think of as my valentine from Dana - a valentine to my hair!

* or check for lice. no, I'm kidding, really, I swear Dana, Idid not give you lice!

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