Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Gonna Be a Short Month

So, have I told you my new plan? Six months off. No I'm serious! SIX! This was a big decision for me, so I sort-of wanted someone to protest, you know. Make the argument that I should really be more practical, tell me what to worry about, encourage fiscal responsibility...Yeah, no one has had any interest in that so far. Everyone says... That's so great!

... and it is. So great that it's hard to believe. Which is why I felt so happy last night when I realized that today I was finally going to really feel like an unemployed person. Susan was getting ready to start her work week, and I was getting ready to spend the day at the coffee shop reading Bringing the Devil To His Knees for my writing group. I've been spending so much time at that place that I'm thinking about writing a captivity narrative about it.

I do have other favorite places though, like the one pictured above. Ah, Le Pichet. I'll take a Lillet blanc and the oysters on the half shell please!

The sad part is that I won't be spending much time there in March. Today I realized that all the travel I've booked means that I will only be in Seattle for seven days in March. The rest of March? Globe trotting!

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Stephanie said...

That really is so, so great.

Where are you trotting off to?