Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Latest Field Trip

On Wednesday, I took a quick dash down to Portland to see Modest Mouse at the Crystal Ballroom. We stayed at the new Ace Hotel, which has only been open about a month. The coffee shop boys were a little negative on the high hipster factor, but after living in NYC, it's pretty tough for me to be put off by the hipster thing. Especially since everyone in Portland is still so damn friendly. Our room was this big loft-like space, with a view of Powells, and a lot of army green items that looked like someone's weekend project from Ready Made magazine. Well, okay, maybe that puts a negative spin on the hipster thing, but I really liked it. Definitely a change from the Heathman and those sorts of places, and stumbling distance from Crystal Ballroom. Not that I was stumbling, thankyouverymuch! I left that to the boys and they, uh, took that role pretty seriously.

But that's a topic for another time, Like, next week, at Angel's Share? If I can make it through the blizzard!


Kristin said...

Who wants to take bets on how long it is before Heather starts dating Modest Mouse. I mean, one of the mice?
Heather, we can discuss this next week in London.

Heather said...

So many topics to cover, over so many cocktails in so many cities! I can't wait. XOXO H