Friday, March 16, 2007


See ya in Vermont!

I don't know what to tell you about packing for next week.

It was 60 degrees two days ago, and now there are a couple of inches of snow on the ground! Anything could happen in this crazy weather. You will need loads of layers. And something really trashy to wear to see Willie. I don't care if he is playing at Radio City Music Hall, I plan to break out the Mean Eyed Cat Tube Top.


Tonight we are driving up to Vermont, to take advantage of the eighteen inches of snow that we are supposed to get there. Yay!

Eugene may even get to take his snowmobile out again - though I will not be a passenger this time. I went with him last weekend and the only thing I can liken the experience to is mechanical bull riding.

Not that I've ever done that, but I feel well trained for it now. Maybe we could find one in the city to visit while you are here. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Needless to say, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like I needed some chiropractic attention.

Our friends Kim and Eric - see photo above - are coming up to ski with us this weekend, which should be super-fun. We haven't had them up for skiing in a looooong time. It's always fun having a group at the house. Partay!

Also, Eric made Eugene a huge potato gun, which is remarkable in that is uses a tazer as an igniter. So I imagine we'll be littering the woods around the house with potatoes. Next spring I hope to go out and harvest some of them if they sprout baby taters.

I'll be sure to bring home some photos of the spud gun. It shoots out sparks when it ignites and gives a very satisfying 'whoomp' as it shoots out the potater. Happily, a potato is too large to shoot anyone's eye out.

Any hoo, I hope you have a lovely weekend!
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