Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little Malcolm Sister Correspondence

From Heather:
Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you know that I arrived
safely in London and have already had some lovely fish
and chips for lunch and a cappuccino and went to a
fabulous cheese shop with the most amazing cheese
room, a whole room that you walk into, refrigerated
with a sliding glass door and they only let 6
customers in at a time. We also went into a shop with
nothing but fancy umbrellas and walking sticks.

I don't know that I will be on email much but wanted
to let you know I got here safely and found the hotel
and Kristin all on my own! It's so nice when people
speak English and you can just ask every third person
for directions.

In case you were wondering, people ARE wearing flats
with skinny jeans, and jeans tucked into boots here
too, but they clearly aren't as militant about their
fashion as New Yorkers are. The contrast is evident


From Allison:

HI! I am glad to hear that you found your way safely and were not abducted by any limeys on your way to the hotel.

And that you have already managed to have fish and chips within such a brief period off time. Now it's time for bangers and mash, eh?

If you go to the Tower of London will you pick up a trinket for me? They have the best trinkets. Perhaps a tiara?

Ta Ta, as they say.

Xoxo, as I say

A note to our readers... despite the fact that you do not give us any love in the comments department... there will be a post about our time together in New York. We were just SO BUSY HAVING FUN that we couldn't sit down for more than two minutes to write anything.

Thankfully, the whole thing was photo-documented, so we have plenty of reference material.

Unfortunately, I need a good nights sleep to conjure the brain cells to write said post. If you comment, I will be motivated to write quicker. Or more quickly. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Honey-girl, I'm waitin' by the computer for that post. I L O V E this blog!!!!
Your Mummy

Tonya said...

ok, so get on with it already.