Friday, March 02, 2007

Photobooth Friday

Hi! Here I am! Sneaky aren't I? One of my 35 things to do before I turn 36 (inspired by the excellent Hula Seventy blog) was take some photo booth photos with some of my favorite ladies. I haven't gotten around to it with Susan or Amber yet, but I did wrangle two other lovely ladies, Stacy and Caitlin, into the booth at the Showbox. We were at the Josh Ritter show, and Ali, you know we're going to have to glam it up at Lakeside Lounge.

You'll be really proud to know that in an attempt to recreate my lawless youth, I had too many PBRs and got ornery. No, really, I did. Did I do that when we lived together in NY and were young? Darren, if you're reading this, don't answer that! Caitlin was laughing at me while we were at the show, but it wasn't as funny later. In my opinion, one of the more dangerous aspects of the technological development that has taken place since we were in our early twenties is text messaging. With drunk dialing in the old days, there was a very good chance that the person wouldn't be home and would never hear whatever horrible thing you had to say. Tipsy texting? Bad. No recall function, and no chance that the intended recipient will somehow magically NOT get the message. So, Ali, when I'm in NY, do you promise to take my phone away after the third plum martini at Decibel? Or maybe we'll just delete certain numbers out of my phone, for everyone's safety, you know. Being unemployed seems to be causing me to regress.

Anyway, I still love the photo booth strips. Like my PBR? Classy. And can you see my Scorpio ring in the third photo? I love that thing. But come to think of it, the attitude that goes along with it might be just what got me in to so much trouble... Have you ever worn a big fat horoscope ring on your index finger? It just does something to a girl.

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