Thursday, April 05, 2007

Because You, Dear Reader, Deserve More Photos. You Really Do.

Some random Edinburgh photos for you. More to come later when it isn't so sunny and beautiful here in Seattle. I love that I managed to travel to three of the few cities (NYC, London, Edinburgh) that could make Seattle look balmy and bright. In a minute I'm off to check out SAM's new sculpture garden, just down the hill from my apartment, but wanted to post a few of the hundreds of photos from my trip.

I had such a fantastic time, and it felt a lot longer than two weeks. I highly recommend the trip-within-a-trip-within-a-trip format for making fourteen days seem like forty. In a good way. Except for that food poisoning rubbish.

Big kisses and thank you's to Kristin and Ella, who I miss already, and of course to you, Allison. Hanging out with you every day felt totally normal and easy, but the truth is, this was a really special trip for me, and I can't possibly articulate how happy I was to be able to spend so much time with you.


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Allison said...

You have to upload the photos to Flickr or something so that I can use them and post about the trip too!

Miss you! I still want to do more shopping! I need shoes! And I want that handbag from Wink! You are a bad influence... and I want more lattes and petite fours!