Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are The Malcolm Sisters Out of Control?

It's taken us weeks to accumulate the evidence that these two sisters were obviously out for more than just a 'good time' during a recent weekend together in New York. Are they just fun loving party girls? Or was there something more to their time out on the town?

March 24th

Allison flees down an East Village street, attempting to evade the paparazzi with a clever disguise and some fast footwork.

She was caught later in the evening with a friend, who bundled her away from the flashbulbs as quickly as possible.

March 24th

Heather was also caught heading for a night out and tried to duck into the deli to avoid our lenses. She was looking particularly vixenish in her off-white vest from Trash and Vaudeville , which we believe was fitted on her by no other than the notorious Jimmy Web of New Yorker fame.

The two met up and partied for hours at the notorious Pyramid Club and the Tiki Room at Niagara. Party-goers supplied us with the photos above of what can only be described as a disheveled looking Allison.

March 25th

Later in the evening we were able to catch up to Heather as she let the Tiki Room, after heading North towards her sister's Manhattan apartment. Home so early? We think not.

We were intrigued, so we followed her. She cooperated with our photographer at first, and we managed to catch her shopping for food - just like normal people! But is she at the store for more than just some yogurt?

We do love her down-to-earth nature. She's a star but so humble.

She tried to wave the photogs off, but they followed. Where are you off to Heather? And where is your sister?

Allison was being held by the police! A police horse that is. But is it really as innocent as it looks, or did big sis have to bail her out? Again, enquiring minds want to know!

The laughing sisters mugged for the camera one last time, before heading in at what can only be described as an early morning hour.

What ladies, no breakfast at Tiffanys?

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