Friday, April 13, 2007

A Smidgeon of Portland Love

I made a quick trip to Portland this weekend to see the Gourds and managed to finally see Candice, Mark, Eden and Scarlet. I love going to Portland and never have enough time there to see all the people I want to. I think most of my friends have heard me say "I should just move there..." at some point or another. My girlfriends Amber and Candice are a big draw (not that I don't have fantastic girlfriends in Seattle, you all know I do!) and then there are all the yarn stores, and the cute little neighborhoods, like Alberta street, where I bought the cute dress that looks like a tablecloth for a picnic. Only without ants. Or crumbs. Yet.

So much more to write about! I feel terribly behind, but there are other things that need my attention at the moment, so I'll have to save more about NY (Stephanie! Lunch at Freemans! Passover at the Jasens! MoMA with Darren!) and London and Edinburgh (so many cute Ella and Kristin photos!) for later.


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Tonya said...

I'm A Robot is one of my favorite songs. Way Too Cute.